Introducing the BrainFit Technology

Receive help for chronic stress, anxiety, addictions, sleep problems, PTSD, weight loss, chronic pain and many more.

Many struggle today with sympathetic Survival Syndrome

All forms of stress stimulate your sympathetic nervous system and cause sympathetic and parasympathetic imbalance. When stress is going on, it creates a neurological cascade of events that leads to Sympathetic Survival Syndrome. When we get stuck in this survival mode, our ability to heal, grow, love, and flourish is greatly diminished. The brain and the nervous system are both compromised. 
Brain-Based Wellness is an advanced technology that can dramatically balance and enhance brain function.
It is one of the most powerful and effective antidotes to stress and there is no better way to create balance, symmetry, harmony, and health in the body
Brainwave entrainment is a new device that uses state-of-the-are technology, and with extensive research behind its manufacture, the MindFit has the ability to allow you to overcome obstacles you never thought you could. 


It has been said that addiction is like a tornado. It tears through your life and the people you know. It destroys everything it touches. The trouble with addiction is you don't see it coming until it's too late!

 I provide a holistic approach in treatment:

  • gaining education and insight 
  • self-care and self-awareness and self-regulation 
  • understanding relapse prevention
  • identifying and utilizing a supportive network
  • transitioning to lifelong change and recovery

The therapeutic process addresses patterns and triggers and honestly looks at the whole picture and origin of the addictive behaviors in a non-judgmental and honest safe place.

My work uniquely offers combined expertise that I have gleaned over the years of working in various inpatient and outpatient clinical settings with individuals with addiction concerns and  mental health disorders (dual diagnosis). 

I believe it is important for the whole family system to be involved in an individual's recovery process.

There are a number of common symptoms that draw a person away from a fully satisfying life. If you have had times where others seem to be engaged and enjoying life around you, yet you feel dragged down and missing out. General experiences of isolation, where you no longer see the same friends or enjoy former interests. Or, you may have concern for what other people think of your drinking, making it a source of shame and concern.  If you are trying to put the pieces together after experiencing a trauma or the memories of a trauma, you need to know that it will get better with the appropriate support and time. You are not alone and healing for many people is best fostered through professional intervention. Reconnecting with family, friends, former life-giving interests, and working toward your life’s goals and objectives.

If you have questions or concerns about your use of alcohol or other substances it may be time for a confidential assessment. Many people feel ashamed and held back from reaching their goals by their use of substances. It is possible to feel better and make the positive choices that lead to greater freedom and happiness. In fact, drawing on your given gifts and interests, we can map a way for you to reach your personal fulfillment. You can do this!

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

 My main therapeutic approach is cognitive behavioral working within a values system framework, in addition to this, I am eclectic and holistic in utilizing other methods as needed. I believe this is crucial to the therapy process in order to create a therapeutic dynamic that is unique to each person who enters into treatment. Although one of my specialities is Christian Counseling, I strive to be sensitive towards those with other belief systems. My first and foremost priority is to provide therapy that is specialized to each individual that receives treatment. I desire to see lasting hope, freedom and restoration in the lives of my clients.

 Do you have symptoms of Depression?

  • depressed mood most days in the past 2 weeks (sad, empty, hopeless)
  • diminished interest in pleasurable activities
  • change in weight (increase or decrease)
  • sleeping too much or not enough
  • psychomotor agitation noticeable by others (fidgeting)
  • fatigue or loss of energy most days
  • feeling worthless or excessive guilt
  • problems concentrating or making decisions
  • recurrent thought of death, suicidal thoughts without a plan or suicide attempts

Be encouraged that you can overcome patterns and break cycles of behavior by gaining tools/skills to assist  you in the healing process.A treatment of hope will focus on changing cognitive distorted belief systems and instill acceptance based and emotional identification /regulation strategies


Utilizing the state-of-the-art Brain Wellness technology that has exhibited fast successful results!


  • Preparation & Relationship Building
  • Psychoeducation and Self-Regulation Skill Building
  • Safety, Stabilization & Relaxation
  • Recovery and Resolution
  • Cognitive Restructuring

These are numerous strategies and techniques that are used to assist in treating  traumatic events and make recovery a reality within the lives of  traumatized individuals


For most people, chronic anger covers incredible pain. And while anger often feels like a release at the moment, it inevitably makes the underlying pain worse. People struggling with chronic anger suffer long-term consequences in both work and personal relationships. They tend to feel more alone, more disappointed by life, and less nourished by their relationships.

 Some of the treatment modalities of focus are:

  •  understanding symptoms
  • utilizing self-regulation
  • addressing anger distortions
  •  problem solving communication skills



I provide techniques and exercises to assist with improving several core areas within a relationship such as:

  • pre-marital
  •  communication skills 
  • personal stress profiles
  •  conflict resolution 
  • financial management
  •  relationship roles 
  • spiritual beliefs
  •  marriage expectations
  •  children and parenting

Couples have the option to take an online assessment to identify strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas of concern